You're undergoing some challenges in your b2b sales cycle?

We have the solution you need!

New product

You want to launch a new product?

Do you have a new idea for a product or service in development?
You do not want to embark on this adventure alone and you need an ally? AUX.B2B is the partner you need!

With our experience in creating success stories for our clients, we can assist you in the feasibility study, branding, marketing, and sales of your product or service.

Business models are constantly evolving and choosing the right partner is a particularly relevant decision in order to create mutual benefit.

We know how to fast-track the creation of successful business opportunities! Protect Your Staff & Wash your hands, are only two examples of out-of-the-ordinary entrepreneurial stories born from a common desire to move in the same direction.

Do not hesitate to use yours and our know-how! We got your back and together we can become the agile entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

New market

You want to conquer a new market?

Even as a well known and -established company in a certain territory, you may end up stagnating and your prospecting efforts may become less effective in an exhausted market.

If your company is looking for growth, but your offer is difficult to diversify, conquering a new market is probably the best option available to you. With digital sales, it is now easier than ever to reach prospects globally, without the need for large investments in personnel, etc. You just need to have the right methodology.

You already have an idea of a territory which you would love to explore? But you have doubts, or need help figuring out how to enter this new market? AUX.B2B can help you put together a winning strategy for your new market to reach the right people in the most efficient means, to make your venture profitable.

New sales rep

Hiring a new sales rep, is that really the solution?

Hiring mistakes are quite common, and come at a steep cost. Recruiting exceptionnel sales personnel is far from an easy task. The empathic ability and reflexes to sell the right way are not innate for all and we often realize the lack of performance too late, when revenues have already taken a hit.

When doing business with AUX.B2B, You don’t need to make a long-term commitment or risk being disappointed. We can confidently guarantee our results and you only pay for what’s delivered to you. Everything is to gain, and very little to nothing to lose.

Our sales team manages and executes your sales on your behalf, as if they were a member of your team. We will generate only qualified leads week after week, guaranteed.


You want to feed more leads to your sales reps?

In the life of a company, even if business is going well, there is always a moment when it will be necessary to generate new leads, to diversify your clientele, to mitigate the risks linked to an overly homogeneous portfolio, or simply to increase your turnover and generate growth.

When you have your own sales force, it goes without saying that it’s almost exclusively in their hands to generate new leads. One step at a time. We, on the other hand, enable you to reach and outperform organic development capacities of traditional methods, in a fragment of the time.

This is where digital business development comes into play.
The strength of AUX.B2B lies in the understanding & application of digital tools, and most importantly, the ability to adapt these to your specific needs while taking into account the complexity of your business model.

Unlike traditional development, the segmentation enabled by digital lead generation is opening up new possibilities. Thus we will allow you to target groups of prospects that are pre-qualified, meaning that they meet your exact customer profile. This can be based on demographic, socio-professional, or even behavioral information.

Develop your
pipeline & increase
your sales.

Ready to explore your true
sales growth potential?

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