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Created in 2000 and made in Montreal, this label offers stylish and comfortable clothing for all body types. For 20 years, it has been promoting a unique and inclusive concept by offering mostly one-size-fits-all, easy-to-wear pieces.

Its target audience

From its creation, the brand quickly became known through its multiple participations in fashion events and clearance sales throughout Quebec and Canada. By word of mouth, the brand has been able to build up a network of very loyal customers, 75% of which are women aged 35 and over.

The objectives

Driven by the desire to gain notoriety and reach new markets, our client turned to AUX B2B.

Also seeing the repercussions of the pandemic on its business model looming, it is imperative for the organization to acquire new clients and quickly develop new strategies to communicate with its established clientele.

It is in this context that the AUX B2B team is called upon to serve objectives falling within the B2C sector, as favored by the customer.


Without a storefront and finding itself deprived of fairs and events, AUX B2B must find the right channels to deploy the brand and ensure the sustainability of sales.

From the beginning of the mandate, our team had to quickly find tactics to establish, and quickly increase the reputation and online visibility of the company.

The proposed digital strategy

The digital strategy proposed by AUX B2B was that of the development of E-Commerce, thus turning their showcase website into a transactional platform. A radical change for the brand which only made 1% of its sales online.

Following the analysis of socio-demographic data of the target audience, AUX B2B decided to focus its efforts on Facebook by establishing acquisition and promotion campaigns through Meta Ads.

The use of social media has made it possible to segment and target their audience, to then optimize the content offered. In addition to being able to quickly connect with it through the weekly “Facebook Live” event, the use of this platform has made it possible to increase the amount of the average basket and accelerate the recurrence of purchases.

The implementation of a CRM also automates and facilitates communication by newsletter, among other things for the transmission of preferential offers to certain strata of the audience. The sustained pace of customer communication by AUX B2B currently keep attention and engagement at a very high level.

The actions taken

The results

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What's next ?

The AUX B2B team, with the confidence of the founder, is developing new communication strategies through influence marketing. The brand’s desire for the next year is to develop a younger clientele, currently representing only 16% of sales. New digital channels, such as Instagram, will be leveraged to engage 25–34-year-olds. Efforts will therefore be concentrated on conquering this platform.

Also wanting to capitalize on the first buyer, AUX B2B will be responsible for building a referencing program directly integrated into the website and launching promotions via Instagram Ads.

The digital shift proposed by AUX B2B, as a turning point in the redesign of the website, enabled the brand to maximize the pandemic year 2020 and lay the foundations for a new business model for the years to come.

"Our team adds another string to its bow by approaching B2C mandates with audacity, and always with the ambition of bringing our business partners to a higher level!

Simon Deschênes, President et Founder of AUXB2B

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