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B2B sales in industries

A family business from Quebec, our client is a distributor of industrial equipment. Founded in 1991, it has since represented several major European companies throughout Canada and the United States. Today, the company supports manufacturers in the field of commercial fenestration and the profile industry to optimize their productivity.

Its target audience

The status quo of the company was challenged back in 2017 by the next generation of its leaders, and the partnership with AUX B2B began to, among other things, analyze and integrate emerging markets to generate new sales opportunities.

Ever since, AUX B2B has been mandated to carry out prospecting by targeting senior executives in decision-making positions. The products our client offers, present an investment worth several thousand dollars to its customers.

The objectives


With our client’s sales cycle being extremely long, customer relationship management requires a considerable investment of time. Having a sales force composed of a single person, the time necessary for effective prospecting is simply not available. Following a sale, the company therefore finds itself faced with a period of inactivity which leads to financial instability.

AUX B2B must therefore make sure to provide a flow of qualified prospects to the company to compensate for its dead periods and ensure sustainable development of sales.

The proposed digital strategy

The digital strategy is used to overcome our client’s lack of resources and a sales cycle spanning several months. During periods where most of our client’s time is consumed by the technical aspect of the sale, AUX B2B takes care of developing its pipeline through targeted prospecting actions.

Leveraging digital channels allows us to quickly engage in conversation, always on our client’s behalf, with decision makers: a unique practice in their industry, which successfully captures the attention of business leaders.

L’exploitation des canaux numériques nous permet d’engager rapidement la conversation, toujours en leur nom, avec les preneurs de décision : une pratique inédite dans leur secteur d’activité, qui réussit à capter l’attention des dirigeants d’entreprise très sollicités.

Actions taken

The results

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What's next ?

With the confidence of our client, AUX B2B is developing new communication strategies through influence marketing. The brand’s desire for the next year is to develop a younger clientele, currently representing only 16% of their sales. Digital channels such as Instagram, will be leveraged to engage 25–34-year-olds.

Also wanting to capitalize on first-time buyers, AUX B2B will be responsible for building an SEO program directly integrated into the website and launching promotions via social media Ads.

The digital shift proposed by AUX B2B, as a turning point for the redesign of the website, enabled the brand to maximize the pandemic year 2020 and lay the foundation for a new business model for years to come.

“Our client seizes the opportunity to promote its offer as directly as possible, all powered by the expertise of AUX B2B”

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