B2B sales in events

Our client is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for the intellectual exchange between researchers, scientists, and organizations within the life science industry with the common goal of improving the human condition. Being called the equivalent of the Nobel prize, their annual event in New York City recognizes excellence in scientific innovation, awarding significant advances in pharmaceutical research and medical technology.

The goals of the mandate

Our collaboration began at the beginning of 2019 with the initial mandate to raise awareness about the foundation in the United States’ scientific community and to recruit individual contributors.

In May 2019, given the low confirmed number of submitted candidate innovations for the annual event scheduled for October, the nature of the collaboration suddenly changed drastically. The AUX B2B team now finds itself in charge of the acquisition of new submissions of technological, pharmaceutical, and medical innovations.

With only a month to go before the registration deadline, the results must be convincing and arrive quickly.


Several obstacles would have to be overcome to achieve the objectives. The biggest challenge was identifying potential decision makers within eligible companies and collecting their contact details. Simultaneously, we had to create and communicate a compelling value proposition for potential candidates, to increase awareness in the US market.

AUX B2B takes up the challenge.

The proposed digital strategy

Using innovative practices, the use of databases at the start of the mandate allowed AUX B2B to collect a maximum of relevant data on the decision-makers of the targeted organizations. A crucial step to prevent the message from falling on deaf ears.

It was then necessary to locate and qualify the collected data. Thanks to a proprietary methodology developed and tested by AUX B2B, we used social platforms and alternative channels to segment the audience and deliver personalized messages.

Another important aspect of this new digital sales approach and -strategy was data organization and management. Supported by a highly efficient CRM system, it is now possible for the organization to not only manage workflows, data, and automations for that specific project, but also manage big data to lay a sustainable foundation for future projects.

The actions taken

The results

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What's next ?

The AUX B2B team and its partner are entering their fifth year of cooperation, and we are getting increasingly involved.

For 2023, the goal is, once again, to exceed expectations regarding the number of registrations. Very satisfied with the sales generation for the event on American soil, our client now tasks us with developing various strategies for acquisition, sponsorship and activating individual contributions, in addition to also managing the sales of submissions for the new British version of the event.

Be our next success story!