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We help ambitious companies accelerate their sales growth using innovative digital sales methods and marketing initiatives.

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AUX B2B aspires to establish itself as a leading business partner for North American companies striving to increase sales and presence in their specific markets, and aid them to achieve their maximum growth potential, both locally and internationally.

Over the past years we have built our expertise and succeeded in mastering best practices to ensure our clients an ideal market positioning. Ever growing, our multi-talented team develops digital communication strategies in line with your needs, with the aim of creating unsuspected business opportunities!

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Being able to “cut through the noise” in highly competitive environments is no small feat. Our audacity allows us to push the limits of creativity and take sales routes that are off the beaten track!

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We anticipate ideas before they impose themselves. We are constantly on the lookout for best practices and new strategies to generate more sales opportunities for our customers. We must see beyond tomorrow!

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The world of digital sales and marketing is changing and unpredictable, so it is important to be as attentive to expectations as to results throughout the process. Our years of experience allow us to adapt and persevere no matter the situation!

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Meet the fine line-up of ladies and gentlemen at the service of your success!

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