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Since 2017, our team has proudly contributed to the growth of small- and medium enterprises in Quebec and the U.S. by enhancing their daily sales operations.

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Database Generation

You’d wish to conquer new territories and/or increase your presence in certain markets?  Allow us to handle the leg work and provide you with lists of potential client companies as well as valid contact information of key decision makers therein.  Quickly obtain the material you need to accelerate and maintain your prospecting activities effectively!

Lead Generation

Get in touch with exclusively qualified companies and individuals that are interested in your solution! We support you in all stages of the B2B sales cycle and promote your offer directly to your audience via a multi-channel marketing strategy with the right content and at the right time. Our goal is to generate first client encounters for you, such as exploratory calls and product demonstrations. Let us help you accelerate your sales growth with this turnkey approach, and have peace of mind knowing that you can finally make the most of your business opportunities.

Guaranteed results
A range of services available to you!

Guaranteed results
A range of serices available to you!

Safely bet on new B2B purchasing behaviors to foster real sales growth!

Having trouble planning the steps that will allow you to increase your sales? We’ll develop a sales & marketing strategy aimed at accelerating your growth, as the ally you need to structure your digital business development.

We carry out telephone follow-ups on your behalf to build relationships, plan meetings and close sales with identified and qualified prospects.

Do you want to delegate tasks related to your business development? We execute every step of your sales & marketing action plan so you can focus on running your business. No prospecting plan is too ambitious for our team!

From dynamic infographics to corporate video presentations, we create all the necessary elements for your sales content kit to allow you to effectively communicate the benefits of your offer.

We carefully research and identify companies that meet your criteria, then communicate directly with decision-makers and present your solution to them, in your name!

A good website can perfectly showcase your solution and provide informative sales content to your prospects. Quickly improve the information found on your online presence to better engage and convert your visitors.

We use databases to collect essential information for your B2B sales activities. Thanks to our access to a vast pool of qualified information, you can quickly launch or maintain the rhythm of your prospecting activities.

We position your business on search engines, on typically non-corporate channels, and on business networks. All to help you increase your notoriety and generate qualified leads.

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